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My Story

Graduated from Virginia Tech in 1975 and 1978 with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Urban Affairs and UrbanRegional Planning in the College of Architecture.

Enjoyed a 40year career in local, regional and state governments focusing on transportation, economic development and historic preservation. My most rewarding project was the complete restoration of the $95 million Main Street Station in downtown Richmond including plans and improvements for future highspeed rail.

Married Chip Badger in 1994 and we combined our families two kids each from previous marriages. My two sons Johnny and Christopher, now in their 30s live in Kailua Kona, Hawaii with their wives and our three grandchildren. Chip and I are frequent travelers and thoroughly enjoy exploring the islands with our kids. My stepson, Ben lives in Utah with fun ski and hiking trips and my stepdaughter Catherine lives in the historic Church Hill neighborhood in Richmond where weve helped her to restore her 1901 home.

Chip and I have both finally retired in the past couple of years and enjoying lots of free time for traveling and reconnecting with friends.