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Currently living in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania



Maureen - Physical therapist, married with 2 kids, lives near Chicago. Children Miles, 4, Hattie, almost 2. Brian - Landscape architect, married with 2 kids, lives in Charlottesville, VA. Children Freddy, 3, Susanna, 1, another due in September. Katie - Audiologist, married with 3 kids, lives in Chambersburg, PA. Children Quinn, 4, and twin boys Sully Connor, almost 2.

My Story

Premed at UVA, Med School at EVMS, Residency - Fellowship at Penn. Practicing radiologist and nuclear medicine physician in PA until retiring 6 years ago.

Married to Amy 45 years.

Avid golfer - play nearly daily since retirement. Enjoy traveling, including camping in our RV. Enjoy being around our grandkids as much as possible - 7 under the age of 5 years with 3 very nearby.