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Currently living in Blacksburg, VA



I was so fortunate to inherit my readymade kids, the talented Dustin Jagger Clifford of Charlotte NC and Katie Louise Clifford , in NJ, via Sterling Va. Katie brought us all joy with her 3 yr old son, Wyatt Ronald. Ronny would be so proud of his kids and his grandchild...I am certain he is watching over us all.

My Story

So. Great loss. I was widowed 8 yrs ago. Not sure how, but we humans have survived such loss since the beginning of time. My dog cat got me up each morning, my business gave me purpose, and I opened my heart to all sorts of love, since I saw no chance of a "romantic" love at this stage of the game. inconceivable to me I have formed amazing friendships, both old friends new, and treasure my family beyond words. Then an old friend called from out of the blue. we were in 8th 9th grade together, our Dad's stationed in Seoul Korea. One of my favorite people in the world. He graduated from Wakefield, class of '71. Guess what You CAN find love again at this stage of the game.