From Jonathan "Joe" Fishbein

Currently living in Arlington, VA



I don't have any! Though it's not a fair comparison, I've had a couple of terrific dogs Darby (1995-2010) and since 2010, Bosco. Really great animals, and friends. Darby actually traveled overseas with me he was a veteran of twenty-seven aircraft takeoffs and landings.

My Story

After college, I didn't do much until going back to graduate school. Ended up living and working in Kansas for almost seven years. In 1983 I joined the Foreign Service, worked and lived overseas and in Washington. A deeply rewarding personal and professional experience.

I retired in 2011, worked a couple of part time jobs, and am now mostly having fun. In 2000 I bought a cabin on a lake in New Hampshire, where since retirement have spent about three months a year there. Despite living and working elsewhere in the U.S. and the world, I eventually returned not just to Arlington but, by pure coincidence a house I couldn't say no to, to the very block where I grew up as a child. It has been written that "some men leave their homes, others never do," to which I would add that "some men are like yoyos." They go out to the end of the string and then return to the hand. That was me.