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Currently living in Falls Church



My son is a designer at Arts and Letters in Richmond and also plays a mean bass guitar when he finds time for band pursuits. My older daughter is living in the Pacific Northwest and enjoying life there - she's also a fine photographer. My younger daughter is still finding her path... time will tell. She's a really fine writer, so perhaps that's in the cards.

My Story

Crazy life... 15 years in retail music followed by 30 years in financial systems work. Married, divorced, and remarried- May of 2021 actually - during peak COVID. My wife and I had been together 15 years and decided to finally tie the knot. I've played guitar in duos and bands over the past 30 years or so and have recorded and produced several records and CDs. I'm working on a couple projects now including some songs of my own for a change. It's been a winding path getting to where I am today, but things have worked out really well. Life is good!