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Currently living in Oxford, England



Jenny farming in North Iceland with 3 grandkids, Laura chiropracting in England with 2 grandkids, James steel constructing in Canada, Helen on the long road to becoming a surgeon in UK and Africa, and Robyn about to start a career.

My Story

Having been motivated by super teachers at Yorktown in biology, electronics and math, I left Arlington in 1971 and went to University Southampton in England. The huge culture change and focus entirely on math took a long time to accommodate but I did occasionally return to the DC area to renew connections. I started a long interest providing power efficiency by doing a doctorate at Oxford and then helping design power stations in England and Australia. I met my wife Pam and, after travelling the world, we settled in Southampton for 25 years, occasionally having sabbaticals in New York, New Mexico and Australia. The few YH71 people I have encountered in that time are Wes McDonald, Scott Price and Barb Booth. Pam and I have now moved to Oxford where I study in the hallowed halls, continue to do maths on renewable energy systems, and where we enjoy the beautiful English countryside.