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Currently living in Arlington



My two grown daughters are Elizabeth Clark McKenzie (a speech pathologist for Arlington schools) and Susannah Clark (an editor for cyber news living in Brooklyn). I have two grandies: Caroline (5) is a remote kindergartner at Tuckahoe Elementary, and Patrick (2) is a piano banger, both of whom live right behind me and my wife Ellen (Chapel Hill '71, and a historical librarian). We live in Peter Kwass's old house, and I'm still pals with his mother.

My Story

After a fun two years in my father's hometown of Eugene, Ore., I transferred to Montreal, in lieu of a junior year abroad, and graduated in history and all-night student newspapering at McGill University. Moved to Alexandria to work for Time-Life Books. Then transitioned to public policy journalism downtown, with stops at Congressional Quarterly, National Journal, a couple of education nonprofits, the Washington Post, Tax Analysts, and finally Atlantic Media (reporting on federal agencies for Government Executive). Retired in 2019. For the past decade, I've written the weekly "Our Man in Arlington" column for the Falls Church News-Press. I've published several books, including two on Arlington history, with two more (pandemic gave me time) coming this year. I've been active in Yorktown history and its Hall of Fame and Inspiration. My other hobby is staying in touch with old school chums!